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Technology Foresight Welcomes You

Technology for Humanity

Technology Foresight provides responsible, ethical and sustainable Information Technology consulting services to assist businesses, governments and NGOs in realising their values through technology evolution.

What is ethical IT?

The IEEE Society on Social Implication of Technology defines five focus areas:

Sustainable development,

Ethics/Human Values,

Universal Access to Technology,

Societal Impacts, and

Protecting the Environment.

We at Technology Foresight embrace these aims, promoting positive and inclusive use of technology for the future of our world.

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About Ruth Lewis

BE (Elec), Grad Dip Digital Comm, Master of Strategic Foresight, MIEAust, MIEEE, MAPF, MIMC, EA National Engineering Register (NER)

I am an award-winning, experienced and academically qualified technology foresight professional (futurist), strategic IT consultant, senior business analyst and professional engineer.

I have worked across many industries, sectors and technologies with a particular focus on the innovative, ethical and sustainable use of technology in business and in society.

My passion is to enable you to make wise and informed decisions in technology investments today to enable your preferred futures.

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Ethical AI and Emerging Technology Governance, Trustworthy AI Assessment
Strategic Thinking, Technology Foresight
Business Innovation, Value-based Service Design

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Ethical AI and Emerging Technology Governance
Trustworthy AI Assessment

The Path to Trustworthy AI

In my role as Chair of the IEEE Society for Social Implications of Technology Standards Committee I am a leading global expert in the development of socio-technical standards for governance of AI and emerging technology. I can train and advise your organisation in how to use and apply the published IEEE standards for AI Ethics and Governance.

As a certified Lead Assessor for the IEEE CertifAIEd AI certification program, I can help your organisation gain the IEEE Mark of AI Ethics for your AI system or service.

Strategic Thinking
Technology Foresight

Expert Guidance

Do you wonder where your industry is heading in the next decade or so?  How will the Technology Megatrends like Artificial Intelligence, Digitisation and the MetaVerse affect you? I'd love to help you to explore the opportunities that these trends can bring you, and how you can adapt and thrive in a changing landscape. To find out more, get in touch.

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Business Innovation
Value-based Service Design

A Comprehensive Approach

Find out how you can innovate your business to provide ethical and sustainable value-based business services, by design.

My clients are my number one priority, and my services prove just how committed I am to their success. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how I can make your business thrive.

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